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Eucalyptus adaphic and adopted for a variety climaticconditions is a versatile tree. It varies from tropical to temperate climates in India in a short period of 3 to 12 years with an annual rainfall of 400-4000mm to a height of 2,200 meters have been tried to warm flourishes.



Eucalyptus India respectively to 0 degrees to 47 degrees in the average maximum and minimum increases.


It grows in a wide variety of soil conditions, but enough moisture for best growth, with deep, fertile, well-drained loamy soil may need. If not irrigated, so it’s heavy and sandy soils poor on stagnates. The highly alkaline and saline soil, but Eucalyptus hybrid and clonels saline and alkaline soil has been tried with varying success.


Irrigation Schedule

The number of irrigation area generally, depending on the type of rainfall pattern

Soil and plantation purposes. More numberof irrigation for early returns that can be up to 20 in number are required. After

Wintersthere 15 days and 30 days in the summer during the rainy season there is no requirement.



During the first two crops can be planted with eucalyptus trees

Except paddy year. After two years, ginger and turmeric shade loving crops can be

Himalyas in the shade of eucalyptus trees in the north mobilization farming.



30 X 30 X 30 cms with the size of the planting of eucalyptus, for Pitt. Are dug in advance of planting. While digging trenches, pits the top half being separated from the soil. The pit is filled, clay pit on the top half and the rest of the soil must be put at the bottom.


For plantation vacancy

Agroforestry each plant should need about 3 to 12 meters. The best space for development. Best

Vacancy for plantation are: –

Planting spacing (MTR) mode. The number of plants [4000 square meters per acre]

1.5 x 1. 5m (ridges) No Intercropping 1675

1.25 x 1.5 meters (ridges) by 2120 ——– ———

2.0 x 2.0 m tax ——— ——– 1184

There ——– ——– 3.0 x 1.5 meters 980

3.0 x 3.0 meters with Intercropping 484

4.0 x 3.0 m ——— ——— 345 to

4.0 x 2.0 m ——— ——— 578 to

3.0 x 1.2 m ——— ——— 1220 to

However, the ideal spacing is 2mX2m. In some parts of India adopted this vacancy



Weeds clone harrowing two / four times to control an intercropping, respectively, in winter and summer should require. Cleaning period under 15-20 cm diameter dense spacing of the younger generation is taken to include. These activities should be done prior to fertilization.



Undesirable / weak / poor seedlings by cutting so as to reduce competition in the high-density plantations, simple mechanical thinning, 1 year can be carried out after. Thinning depends on the number of management objectives. Bole volume production maximum timber generally generally financial results as deciding goal.

Note: Not required to clone harvesting, sorting and thinning.



Circumference should be measured at the height 1.37m above ground level. Desirable

At the end of each year, under development as a minimally acceptable circumference should be: –

Year target desired age in years Age desired target

[Inches]. [Inch]

First year 26-30 years 4-8 vith

IInd year 30-34 years 6-12 VIIth

IIIrd year eighth year 12-18 34-38

IVth year ninth year 18-22 38-42

The fifth year of the tenth year 22-26 42-46

This development season is well defined and is continuing to grow in all seasons. Eucalyptus

Moderately large trees and 30 to 45 meters and a diameter of 1-2 received

  1. Although ready to clone your 1 to 6 years for the best results during the performance

In only 3 years, harvesting ballies.



The felling of trees is very important pieces of the stem should be based on

Industries need, down the length of the logs –

Id. Feets in the size of the log.

  1. 8 ‘6 “and 4”. 3 “
  2. 7 ‘and’ 3. 6 “
  3. 6’k6 “& 3”. 3 “

’30’ for 5. Ballies 8



Senior Grith weight market value purchase price

(In q.) (In inches) No pattern (QTL per.) (Rs.)

  1. Oversize> 22 3.0-4.0 700-950 2100-3600
  2. undersize> 18-22 1.0-1.5 500-550 500-825

Under Sokta 3> 375-425 375-650 1.0-1.5 14-17

Bally / rod> 8-13 1.0-1.5 300-360 300-540


  1. Roots and Branches ——- 1.0-1.5 190-250 200-375


(Profits clones produced for punks do not count)


Total 3475- 6000 from 7.0 to 10.0

Based on analysis of more than 90 eucalyptus trees Cms.- 100cm [36 inches]. Planting trees in 8-10 years per term – in height from ground level to a height of 5 feet (1.37mtr) and 80 feet (25 meters) Perimeter / 6000 bring Rs.3500.

But we can earn only Rs 300 compared to Ballies developed – if the plant is 650 per 300 000 -415 000 bucks and 4,000 square meters in three years, it will be appox shoud. To maximize yearminimum per 135,000 – Rs 100,000. Although this project is to produce the highest yield and maximum profit.


Eucalyptus purloins industry on a limited scale as plywood, doors, window frames, packing case, ballies, truck body, is considered suitable for furniture. It is such particle board, fiber board, hard board, veneers and ply board etc. to produce eucalyptus pulp paper over wood / weight that spirit has the advantage over the traditional long-fiber pulp as the construction of industrial product Eucalyptus species used for leaves etc., is obtained by distillation oil, are included. The oil is mainly used for medicinal purposes is fumier industrial and perfumes.


In India, apart from the weather to warm tropical eucalyptus is a versatile tree. It is temporary, in a short period of 3 to 10 years can develop. 0 – 47 ° C with different types of soil conditions ,, well drained sandy-like Eucalyptus can be planted after the regular monsoon which the best soils are, but the plantation must be from February to November clone, as well as a greater number of irrigation are essentially required for the rapid growth can be up to 20 in number. Inter-cropping may be only the first two years. 345 2120 more than the minimum in agroforestry plants with different spacing, can be planted per acre and it can be 60 cm in 3 years, respectively, from 1.0 to 10 kg in weight to 200 cms in 10 years, to for.

Approximately 13% of the total weight of roots and branches material data shows it after 5 years 87 kg per tree, and after 10 years respectively to be 150 kg.


In short, after 3 years of eucalypts, but surprisingly, the 60 kgand 100 kg of commercial trees should be produced. Although the short-term production .That clones after 3 years under the plantation production of 100 to 150 kg complete it may cost up to the total cost of production for producers is an additional income.

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